Some Of The Tools We Use

Here is some of the tools we use,so you know we will turn up with the right tools for the job.


High pressure water Jetting Unit

Picture of high pressure water jet


Drain/Manhole Keys


Picture of drain/manhole keys


Drain Rods


picture of drain rods


Supervee feeds a cable into waste pipes to clear blockagePhoto of Super vee that feeds wire into drain pipes.Drain Gully GrabsPhoto of drain gully grabs


Air Ram For Shooting Air Into PipesPicture of a Air ram for clearing blockages


Drain CCTV Survey EquipmentPicture of drain camera equipment


Assisted with the right tools for the job and our experience and giving a set price before we even arrive,we believe we have a winning combination thatĀ our customersĀ are happy with.

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