Which drainage company do i choose

Which Drainage Company do i choose?


Having worked as a drainage engineer for over 24 years,im fully aware of the large amount of companys in the drainage industry that charge per hour or per half hour and are basically after as much money as they can get by hanging the jobs out,some just work for themselves or employ operatives to carry out the work for them and pay them on a commision ie 35% to 50% of the total bill before vat and are encouraged them to hang the jobs out and they keep the operatives that bring the most money in and let the less performing enginners go and employ another to see if he can better their top performers,sad but true.

They also employ a fair amount of young inexperienced plumbers as well that turn up with a set of drain rods and a bottle of acid,upon which they can only do the basics but that’s it.

Yes there are some companys that charge per hour or half hourly rates that are fair but in my opinion they are very far and  few between so in my opinion go for the fixed price companys like myself and dont be shy in asking what equipment they are bringing with them.

Don’t be another consumer that has to appears on BBC Watch Dog saying you were RIPPED OFF

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